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The UCSD Bay Area Alumni website is owned and run by the UCSD Bay Area Regional Alumni Committee.

All information collected will only be used by the Committee and reasonable care will be taken to ensure that email addresses and other information is not shared with other organizations, though users should understand that this is a volunteer organization and mistakes will happen. Other alumni who have signed up for email lists, bulletin boards, and other communications may be able to see your email address.

The bulletin boards can be seen by non-members and should not be considered private.

Your email address may be shared with the UCSD alumni office. The Alumni office is moving to an all electronic communications format (due to budget cuts) and we need to get the email addresses of as many alumni as possible. If you sign yourself up at you can help insure that they have the correct address.

If you really want to throw privacy out the window
- join the Live Journal UCSD community.
- join Orkut. There are three! UCSD communities there.
- you can join Friendster as well, but that is so 2003.


If you have questions, please email the webmaster.



In case you were wondering: is a host for a wide variety of alumni groups and some other organizations.
A UCSD alumni maintains the site.



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