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  Operation Recruit 2004!
March 15-30- National Merit Recruitment (All regions)  or call (858) 534-3901 or (866) UCSDALUM.
April 8 - UCSD Admissions Night (Bay Area)
April 16 - Scholars' Day (San Diego)
(858) 534-3901 or (866) UCSDALUM.
April 17 - UCSD Admit Day 2004 (San Diego)  or call (858) 822-3188.

During the months of March and April, alumni volunteers are needed to
recruit top scholars to UCSD for the incoming 2004-05 Class.  There are four
opportunities for alumni involvement.  Please reply to the above emails if you are
interested in participating in one or more of the upcoming events.  Please
forward to other alumni who you think might be interested.

March 15-30- National Merit Recruitment (All regions)
- Alumni volunteers
throughout California and beyond are needed to assist in the recruitment of
freshman National Merit Finalists. During the month of March, alumni place
local calls to students who have listed UCSD as a top choice.  These calls
have had a tremendous impact on the success of the merit scholar program at
UCSD.  In 2004, the Association welcomed 38 new freshman university
sponsored scholars.  There are currently 188 National Merit Scholars
enrolled at UCSD.  If you would like to participate, contact Mary Johnson at  or call (858) 534-3901 or 866 UCSDALUM.

April 8 - UCSD Admissions Night (Bay Area)
- Volunteers are needed to meet
prospective UCSD students and share their college experiences.   The
acceptance letters have been sent and many of these students are currently
deciding between UCSD and Stanford, MIT, Cal, and other top schools in the
country.  Students and parents want to hear from UCSD alums on why they
should choose UCSD.  This event will be one of the deciding factors in
determining if some of the brightest students in the Bay Area will attend
UCSD.  So we need your help to ensure UCSD consistently attracts the best
pool of students.  To register, click on the following link and hit the

April 16 - Scholars' Day (San Diego) - Alumni are needed to host tables of
top scholars and their parents at the annual Scholars' Day luncheon held in
the Price Center Ballroom. These students represent the top 5% of admitted
students to UCSD for each of the six colleges.  The luncheon will feature a
keynote address by the dynamic and popular John Wixted '81, UCSD psychology
professor.  The Association will host alumni participants.  If you would
like to participate, contact Mary Johnson at  or call
(858) 534-3901 or 866 UCSDALUM.

April 17 - UCSD Admit Day 2004 (San Diego)  - Alumni are needed to meet and
greet potential students and their parents attending the Alumni
Association's   "Breakfast Exchange" from 7:30 - 8:30 AM on the front lawn outside of the
Alumni Office at 202 University Center along Gilman Drive and Myers Drive,
on the way to Library Walk.  Alumni and current students will greet and help
pass out coffee and pastries to the first 1,000 prospective UCSD students
and their parents, and answer their questions regarding campus life. If you
are interested in volunteering for Admit Day, contact Tammy Traudt at  or call (858) 822-3188.

Copyright 2004 UCSD Bay Area Alumni, Paul Eykamp, Ph.D. '94, '95 President

    This is a local alumni chapter page, related to, but not an official UCSD website.